At People for Peregrines, we;

  • Record sightings and nesting activity
  • Work and link with other organisations and individuals in the region that are actively conserving and protecting peregrines in the region
  • Provide free phone based advice in relation to peregrine protection and development
  • Actively promote artificial nest box schemes
  • Provide training and support

In contacting People for Peregrines, any information provided is confidential and is received by a BTO Schedule 1 license holder, who has worked with peregrine conservation in the Midlands region for the last 25 years (Dr. S. Bodnar). Other members of the group have been actively conserving peregrine falcons throughout the U.K.  and are all currently involved in monitoring nest sites.

To be a go-to peregrine resource in the UK. Helping people help peregrines by linking people and resources together to:

• Promote conservation activity

• Sharing of local and national knowledge

• Disseminating and conducting research

• Working across projects and organisations

• Giving trusted and robust support, training and guidance in relation to: Nest boxes, Webcams, Ringing, Surveying, Rehabilitation and Local peregrines


 Photo credit Peregrine chick Martin Lindner. Photo credit Peregrine eggs Peter Wegner.

Over the last 2 decades members of the collaboration project have worked to protect peregrines in the U.K., many of these success stories have featured in the media.  The links below give information on a number of our previous projects.

Peregrines in action on our protected sites:


Photo credit © Wikipedia Commons