Our Friends in Leicestershire, have been very successful in securing safe nesting boxes for peregrines in Leicester City Centre. See more about this story below:

Leicester Cathedral Peregrines

Peregrine images for you to enjoy. All images credit and copyright, Nick Martin, www.martinimages.co.uk

pereg 01
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New sites for 2016/17:

Pictures from the first of 3 newly discovered sites in the West Midlands with breeding peregrines. In this case, seen on 5th Januray 2017, the male is overwintering on the building. Remains of feral pigeons and redwings were discovered beneath.

In 2017, the year will start with training courses in Birmingham for consultants from the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management on Peregrine Ecology and Conservation (see CIEEM web-site). More to follow:

Picture credits: Jacob Peterken