Why is there a need for People for Peregrines?

The simple answer is to help those who are helping the UK’s population of wild peregrines, allowing everyone to understand and ultimately protect this keystone species.

Many people and communities are doing a fantastic job at protecting peregrines near them and People for Peregrines is the national platform which helps them help the peregrines.

The group is very informal  and is not affiliated with any other organisation. It’s independent and we are all volunteers with the birds as our priority. The team represents the UK’s leading authorities on peregrine behaviour and ecology. Therefore, we have an amazing and unprecedented wealth of knowledge, experience, support and understanding within the group.

Our goal is to be the one-stop shop linking all things peregrine – a way to link up people with peregrines, promote activity, disseminate research and give support and guidance in relation to nest boxes, webcams, surveying and peregrines in your local area.

We are here to help people help peregrines.