National Collaboration Project

Together with Mike Harmer, I am looking to continue the collaboration over peregrines Nationally that was set up by Zoe Smith, when she worked for the Hawk and Owl Trust and to this end we are expanding People for Peregrines to a National level, so that it can function as being the collaboration mechanism.

The group is very informal  and is not affiliated with the Hawk and Owl Trust. It’s an independent organisation and we are both volunteers with the birds as the priority.
As initial actions, we are aiming to do an annual newsletter and potentially have a meeting. 
The web site is being updated (People for Peregrines) to reflect the National picture.

One aim is to have a link to all of the UK web-cams that are active. Another use is to disseminate research and guidance in relation to peregrines and to publish best practice in relation to nest boxes, surveys and the like.